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Directors and Officers Liability - A Tale of Blame

in modern day businesses across the world, a tale of blame has taken effect. Directors and Key Officers, such as Managers, are becoming increasingly under fire for the business decisions they have made which have led to adverse consequences.

Claims over alleged wrongful acts are often directed at individuals in key business positions, rather than the company as a whole. This means that more individuals are being held personally responsible for the business decisions they make.

Below is a real life example of a company negatively affected by a claim aimed at a Manager. The total claim costs and expenses paid by the company exceeded £200,000.

A vehicle belonging to the company was involved in a fatal road traffic accident caused by a number of defects present in the vehicle. The Transport Manager was aware of these defects, while the vehicle’s driver was also found to be talking on his mobile phone prior to the fatal event. The Directors were investigated for the offence of Manslaughter by gross negligence and the company for Corporate Manslaughter. Claims cost and expenses were paid by the company in defending the Transport Manager against charges of aiding and abetting dangerous driving.

In another example, a Director of a company was named personally in an unfair dismissal claim from a former employee. Costs incurred to defend the Director amounted to £14,000.

KTIB Ambulance’s Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers certain costs of claims made against a business’ Directors and Officers. These include contingencies such as defence against Corporate Manslaughter, breaches of Fiduciary Duties, decisions that affect a Shareholder’s share value, and alleged misdemeanours.

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Published 4th June 2018

Blood bikes

KTIB Ambulance Continues Charity Effort for Blood Bikes

KTIB Ambulance, part of the One Broker group, has continued in its efforts to raise awareness and funds for local charities, SERV Norfolk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. Known as the Blood Bikes, the organisations provide blood and medical product transport services to hospitals around East Anglia to ease the strain on NHS resources.

KTIB Ambulance has been a supporter of SERV Norfollk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire since June last year and has since, as part of the One Broker group, raised over £2400 for the charities. In addition, this Spring staff have taken part in activities to raise awareness and more donations for the organisation, including taking part in an Easter Treasure Hunt, a Blood Bikes quiz and attending presentations conducted by volunteers from the charities.

Rob Rowley, Account Executive at KTIB Ambulance, said "The Blood Bikes complete a vital voluntary service transporting blood and other medical products, such as samples, between our local hospitals. This saves the NHS a large amount of money which means that more funding is available for essential ambulance services, for example, patient transfers. SERV Norfolk and SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire receive no government backing which is why it is a pleasure to support their services through donations and drawing attention to their incredible work".

Published 8th May 2018

Charity giant cheque

One Broker Donates £2000 to Local Blood Bikes

One Broker has donated £2000 to local Blood Bike organisations, SERV Norfolk and SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. A cheque of £1000 was donated to each of the two organisations, presented by Robin Plaster, Managing Director of the One Broker group, and Rory McPhail, Director at NWBIB, the group’s Cambridge base.

Upon presenting the donation, Rory McPhail commented "At NWBIB, we have always taken our philanthropic responsibilities very seriously, therefore, we are delighted to be supporting Blood Bikes who are a local charity carrying out crucial work in the health care sector. We hope with our support the charity will continue to flourish for many years to come".

John Gibson, Day Operations Manager at SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, said "Our organisation provides a life saving service throughout Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, saving the NHS an estimated £300,000 and more in transport costs to date. We are incredibly appreciative of One Broker’s support and enjoy working with their enthusiastic staff".

Treasurer of SERV Norfolk, Keith Grisedale, added "It costs £3400 each month to run SERV Norfolk therefore any donations the charity receives is crucial for us to continue our work. One Broker has been a great help in promoting the role of SERV Norfolk and we are very grateful for this donation".

(Pictured top left to right: Rory McPhail, Michael Ferguson, Jeanette Pledger, John Gibson and John Millard. Pictured bottom left to right: Bill Farrow, Robin Plaster and Keith Griesedale )

Published 19th March 2018

NARS Unveils New KTIB Ambulance Insured Vehicle

The Norfolk Accident Response Service, known as NARS, has unveiled a new car to carry out their life saving work. The charity, which provides emergency medical care to critically unwell patients in the community, has insured their new vehicle with KTIB Ambulance.

The Critical Care Unit is packed with specialist medical equipment, including a mechanical chest compression system and transport ventilator. The charity is run by volunteer Doctors and Paramedics who provide specialist emergency care to the sickest of patients in their homes and on the roadside.

Rob Rowley, Account Executive of KTIB Ambulance, part of the One Broker group, said "We are proud to provide insurance cover for NARS which does such amazing work locally in Norfolk".

For more on NARS and its new vehicle, take a look at the video on the right which was broadcasted on ITV Anglia News.

Published 7th March 2018

Cyber Crime - Take Back Control for Your Business

Cyber Crime - Take Back Control for Your Business

We all hear about cyber attacks on the news or online, but do we ever actually think that a data security breach will happen to us? Probably not. The reality is the majority of businesses could be at threat from an attack and may not even realise it. A malicious cyber attack can affect any business, from those in healthcare to transport, hospitality and manufacturing. It can result in cyber property infringements, impaired access, a loss to reputation as well as causing business interruption. In other words, it costs money.

However, there are ways to protect your business’ cyber interests, and ultimately, your profits. Our cyber insurance products cover:

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Published 5th March 2018

In Partnership with the Independent Ambulance Association

"We have been happy to have had KTIB as our insurance provider for the last 3 years and I cannot fault the personal service we receive. KTIB know the independent ambulance sector, they understand our business and they have negotiated terms with insurers above and beyond our expectations. "

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